About Me

My name is Diego Terzano. I am an engineer, programmer, entrepreneur, husband and life long learner. I am an extremely curious individual and started this blog to digitize some of my thoughts about technology, society, gadgets, code, adventures and a little bit of whatever crosses my mind at the time. I hope you enjoy some of the content and visit regularly or subscribe via RSS feed.


I studied Industrial & Systems Engineering and earned a Masters degree in Operations Research at the University for Florida. I have worked in the areas of simulations modeling, manufacturing, supply chain management & logistics and later as a software engineer designing systems for call centers, operations (scheduling, routing and inventory optimization), Sales CRM’s and eCommerce.  Currently, as a entrepreneur, I run a small logistics division focusing on franchise businesses that helps them consolidate vendor shipments during construction. Thus, shortening their critical path during construction and saving them freight costs in the process. Furthermore, I perform IT consultations in infrastructure design and software integration services. I am currently working on a new startup venture and opening a charitable organization called CharityNucleus.  

You can check my LinkedIn profile for more information.


I have a variety of interests and hobbies. I enjoy reading, radio controlled cars & multi-rotors, robotics, cycling, golf (although I don’t get to play much these days). I was a 3 handicap when I was 15 but I wouldn’t care to count at the present time. I am a big fan of 3D Printing and own a Zortrax M200. I am an extreme night owl and sleep very little. I am happily married to my wonderful, charismatic, beautiful, cheerful and lovely wife.

Fabiola Terzano

My family also lives in South Florida. Unfortunately my dad passed away in 2015 after a long, arduous battle with Parkinson’s disease. He was an inspiration and a terrific father. I will always remember his laugh, tenacity, intensity and playful nature. May you rest in peace dad!
My mom and sister are truly wonderful gals. I love them dearly and it is a true privilege to have them close. I have 2 lovely nieces with energy and attitude to spare and a wonderful brother in law with a terrific personality and true entrepreneurial drive. I love them dearly and enjoy every minute together.

My wife’s family lives in New Jersey. They are an exceptional bunch and lots of fun: Gloria, Orlando, Kayla and Jessica. I wish I could see them more often. Every moment together is precious and guaranteed to be filled with music, laughter and good times.